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Gestione delle ONG e amministrazione - esperienza di volontariato o tirocini ai Caraibi

Gestione delle ONG e amministrazione - esperienza di volontariato o tirocini ai Caraibi

Questo programma, basato sull'osservazione del lavoro pratico, ti darà la possibilità di vivere un' esperienza lavorativa perfetta per coloro che desiderano saperne di più su come una piccola ONG è gestita. Il programma è rivolto a tutti coloro interessati ad impegnarsi nel volontariato o che desiderino vivere un'esperienza pratica di lavoro in una ONG.

Il programma di volontariato dell'amministrazione ONG fornisce approfondimenti su tutti gli aspetti della gestione della Fondazione Aldeas de Paz. 

I volontari e i tirocinanti dell'Organizzazione delle ONG osservano ed aiutano il coordinatore nell' ambito di lavori di ufficio: seguono il lavoro amministrativo, il coordinamento e la supervisione dei programmi comunitari.

This versatile experience and observation program gives insight into all aspects of running the Aldeas de Paz Foundation. This program is focused on those who are interested in starting their own charity or want hands-on experience in working in an NGO.

The NGO Administration volunteers and interns observe and assist the coordinator with office work, as well as in-community project support and administrative work and the coordination and supervision of community programs. The NGO volunteers will also help to ensure the well-being of our volunteers and their full integration into various programs offered, as well as into the social life of the community. The foundation relies on NGO volunteers to ensure smooth operations and therefore requires flexible volunteers. Direct work with our primary beneficiaries is an essential part of the work of Aldeas de Paz so that the NGO volunteers are also expected to participate in foundation-wide events and activities involving our beneficiaries.

Activities can include but are not limited to

  • Assisting with the coordination of volunteers, including conducting meetings with the volunteers

  • Support the day-to-day running of the NGO and attend meetings with local actors, authorities and community members

  • Shadowing the director/coordinator in general administration and day-to-day tasks

  • Working in financial accountability tasks such as financial planning and budgeting

  • Attending frequent operational meetings to discuss events at the foundation

  • Participating in and remain informed of all the foundation programs

  • Assisting with updating social networks and the webpage

  • Help promoting our cause online and practice fundraising through social media and grant writing

  • Assisting board meetings, take useful meeting minutes and prepare reports

  • Assisting with editing our monthly newsletter

  • Helping with editing information and job descriptions and assist with updating listing opportunities and forward updated information to our international sending agents

Program activities for volunteers with more advanced Spanish skills

Working on public relation projects designed to mobilize community support. These include, but are not limited to: radio broadcasts, participating in neighbourhood council meetings, writing bulletins/columns, organizing community projects, working with locals to find new volunteer opportunities, translate newsletters and website information into Spanish.


Your Profile

No previous experience or special skills are required. A typical NGO administration and management volunteer and intern needs to be enthusiastic, willing to learn, ready for a challenge and has to have a desire to take initiative in coordinating a group of volunteers and daily tasks. Friendliness, care, commitment, and patience are among important qualities. The ideal volunteer would have a passion for development aid, some experience in international volunteering, and a desire to help other volunteers to have a great stay with us. Activities that a volunteer can participate in are entirely dependent on motivation and previous experience. Staff and other volunteers will support the participant. Basic conversational Spanish is very helpful for some activities but even without knowledge of the Spanish language, there is lots of work to do. To enable deeper integration into the community we provide up to six free Spanish classes on a weekly basis, full support and 24/7 backup. We ask you to bring your laptop as well as a pen drive with you as flexibility regarding your working environment is necessary.


Volunteer placement or internship

This program can be booked as a volunteer placement or as an internship.  Please inform us of your school or university’s internship requirements and we will work out your personalized work plan.

Time Commitment

A minimum time commitment of 4 weeks is required. For volunteers and interns with little experience, a six to eight weeks minimum time commitment is encouraged.

You can join this program throughout the whole year.


Placement Locations

Samana and Las Terrenas


Costs & Benefits

Aldeas de Paz works hard to keep the required financial contribution to an absolute minimum and to offer financial transparency by practicing an open book policy. The calculation of your financial contribution or donation is setup so that the longer you stay the less you give per week. We do this to encourage longer stays, recognizing that longer stays lead to more significant volunteer work and more energy contributed in the form of donated time in place of money! The minimum contribution starts at € 110 per week including double room accommodation at our Aldeas de Paz guesthouse, for a single room we add € 30 per week. The minimum donation for the host family stay is € 200 per week and includes a private bedroom and two meals (breakfast and lunch). For more information about costs and benefits check out our webpage.


Special Offer

Spanish language classes – volunteers or interns receive up to six free language lessons every week. The classes focus on developing communication skills so that students can put their knowledge to practical use as soon as they step outside the classroom. Our teaching method enables students to develop four basic skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. The idea is to learn Spanish in a natural and spontaneous way, just as students have learned their mother tongue. Our students speak Spanish right from the very first day, using it in typical real-life situations: the basic syllabus is supplemented by special exercises, such as role-play, situational dialogues and work projects. Outside the classroom, the learning process continues as you immerse in the Spanish language and the Dominican culture.


Contact Person: Manfred Mönnighoff; Project/charity name: Fundación Aldeas de Paz; Address: Santa Barbara de Samana, Dominican Republic, Tel: +1 829 7055 123; E-Mail: mailto:mail@peacevillages.org; Webpage: http://www.peacevillages.org; Facebook: http://www.facebook/AldeasdePaz; Twitter: @AldeasDePaz; YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Peacevillages

Gestione delle ONG e amministrazione - esperienza di volontariato o tirocini ai Caraibi