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Progetto turismo - Programma di Volontariato e Tirocini in destinazioni esotiche

Progetto turismo - Programma di Volontariato e Tirocini in destinazioni esotiche

Aldeas de Paz offre opportunità di tirocinio o volontariato a persone che intendono dare inizio alla loro carriera lavoativa ed acquisire, pertanto, esperienza nel settore del turismo.

La possibilità di ottenere maggiori conoscenze in questo campo e l'impagabile esperienza che riceverai entrando a contatto con un reale ambiente lavorativo, ti sarà data dall' interazione con chi ricopre ruoli di riliveo all'interno di, per esempio, hotel, resort o tour operator. 


If you find yourself daydreaming of exotic destinations and fun-filled adventures and the thought of a repetitive 9-5 job bores you, an internship in the Dominican Republic in the hospitality or tourism industry is just what you need.

Aldeas de Paz offers hospitality and tourism internship opportunities to undergraduates and graduates who want to get a head start in their career and gain first-hand insight in hospitality or tourism. This will be through exposure to various volunteer roles, such as working in a hotel, resort or at a tour operator.

Opportunities include working in a high-end hotel, a popular local backpacker hostel or at a local tour operator’s office for adventure holidays. Another possibility is to work at the ministry of tourism and environmental protection teaching tour guides and helping protect the delicate environment using Multimedia. Jobs depend on candidates’ qualifications.

Interning abroad is more than just a great way to get a step up over your competition in the industry and gain a feel for what management level positions will be like. Traveling abroad also presents the opportunity to experience a whole new culture and adventures, to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. If you are a student with a major in business, tourism or hospitality (preferred) who is interested in an exciting career in the field of hospitality or tourism and are looking to gain practical experiences while developing relationships with leaders in the field, this internship is exactly what you are looking for!


  • Gain insight into the running of a hotel, hostel or tourist operation business

  • Take initiative in designing and implementing improvements and increase the business reach on the market

  • Get involved in typical work on a day-by-day basis depending on the business you are in and promote ecological tourism in the region


Our Internships may also serve as a springboard into a Manager in Training programme (not guaranteed). The programme is designed to give participants the skills they need to accelerate their careers and succeed as future leaders. Candidates are exposed to valuable experiences, project work, mentorship and feedback throughout the programme.

Available areas of work experience in a hotel

  • Food and beverage operations

  • Housekeeping

  • Human Resources

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Front-of-house

  • Holiday Representatives

  • Maintenance

  • Business Development

Activities at a tourist operator can include but are not limited to

  • Shadowing and assisting the director with general administration work such as budget planning, coordination, editing and providing thorough client attention

  • Planning and leading frequent meetings to discuss trips and tours with clients

  • Participating in and remaining informed of each tour and trip

  • Revising and updating websites, as well as social media sites

  • Writing and editing a monthly newsletter with the help of fellow workers

  • Providing clients with insight about their planned trips and tours, challenges, responsibilities and precautions

  • Creating a space for improvement of touristic products and organizational performance

  • Developing initiative in designing and implementing strategies to increase the business reach and impact

Program activities for volunteers with more advanced Spanish skills

Design public relations projects to mobilize support. These include, but are not limited to, radio broadcasts and participate in meetings with politicians and local authorities. Translate newsletters and website information into Spanish.


Your Profile

This program is suitable for students with free holiday time, pre-university students, students taking or planning to take any tourism or marketing related studies as well as professionals. The key requirements for a volunteer or intern are initiative, enthusiasm, and readiness to work in unfamiliar circumstances. More specialized skills will allow for more specialized activities. Basic conversational Spanish skills are required and the more advanced your level of experience and Spanish language skills, the larger the number of available opportunities. However, we offer up to six free Spanish language lessons every week in order to enhance your experience.

  • Students/graduates with a major in business, tourism or hospitality (preferred)

  • Basic/Intermediate Spanish

  • Comfortable with Microsoft Office Suite

  • Speak any other languages is a plus


Volunteer placement or internship

This program can be booked as a volunteer placement or as an internship. Please inform us of your school or university’s internship requirements in advance so that we can work out your personalized work plan together. Also tell us about your personal expectations and goals and we will see how we can achieve them.

Time Commitment

A minimum of 8 weeks commitment is required.



Samaná & Las Terrenas


Costs & Benefits

Aldeas de Paz works hard to keep the required financial contribution to an absolute minimum and to offer financial transparency by practicing an open book policy. The calculation of your financial contribution or donation is setup so that the longer you stay the less you give per week. We do this to encourage longer stays, recognizing that longer stays lead to more significant volunteer work and more energy contributed in the form of donated time in place of money! The minimum contribution starts at € 110 per week including double room accommodation at our Aldeas de Paz guesthouse, for a single room we add € 30 per week. The minimum donation for the host family stay is € 200 per week and includes a private bedroom and two meals (breakfast and lunch). For more information about costs and benefits check out our webpage.


Special Offer

Spanish language classes – volunteers or interns receive up to six free language lessons every week. The classes focus on developing communication skills so that students can put their knowledge to practical use as soon as they step outside the classroom. Our teaching method enables students to develop four basic skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. The idea is to learn Spanish in a natural and spontaneous way, just as students have learned their mother tongue. Our students speak Spanish right from the very first day, using it in typical real-life situations: the basic syllabus is supplemented by special exercises, such as role-play, situational dialogues and work projects. Outside the classroom, the learning process continues as you immerse in the Spanish language and the Dominican culture.


Contact Person: Manfred Mönnighoff; Project/charity name: Fundación Aldeas de Paz; Address: Santa Barbara de Samana, Dominican Republic, Tel: +1 829 7055 123; E-Mail: mailto:mail@peacevillages.org; Webpage: http://www.peacevillages.org; Facebook: http://www.facebook/AldeasdePaz; Twitter: @AldeasDePaz; YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Peacevillages

Progetto turismo - Programma di Volontariato e Tirocini in destinazioni esotiche