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ESC in Francia con un progetto di un anno

ESC in Francia con un progetto di un anno

Partecipa alla vita associativa dell’associazione Francese Compagnons Bâtisseurs con il nuovo progetto ESC

I partner dell’associazione francese Compagnons Bâtisseurs France, stanno cercando 4 giovani volontari tra i 18 e i 30, provenienti dai paesi dell’UE, da coinvolgere in diversi progetti di lungo termine all’interno del programma di European Solidarity Corps con partenza a settembre 2019 e per la durata di 10-12 mesi.

Volunteers are working with the professionnal and the habitants to renovate homes. The volunteers can be involved in all the different projects, they can participate in the association life, they can share a different experience of life and live in a sharing flat, little by little they can undertake responsability, and they can set up personal and collective projects. Be ready to learn new things, share your skills, passion and knowledges and live intercultural exchanges!
Although the main purpose is the renovation works, the activity has therefore an important social and human aspect that makes our intervention different from a professional one. The family participate in the technical works and also in choosing the works that will to be done, the materials used, the new decoration… 
Sometimes the volunteers can share the lunch with the family which provides a valuable time to get to know each other and may create stronger links based on trust and sharing. 
Volunteers are also fully involved in the organisation life, especially through their participation in the national and local Executive committees, General Assemblies and through the national volunteers’ group, which regroups all volunteers. During the summer, the volunteers can work as pedagogical co-leaders or facilitator on international workcamps organised by Compagnons Bâtisseurs.

Accommodation is provided. The volunteers are sharing a flat with 2 or 3 other volunteers. The flat is already equipped and situated near by the public transport. LTV receive a monthly allowance covering food expenses and pocket money (about 430€/month). 
Because of their low budget, the volunteers have to adapt themselves during their long term experience to an alternative way of living, sharing a collective life. 
Compagnons Bâtisseurs pay the costs related to trainings, local transports, and the local or national activities in which the volunteers are involved in.

Per maggiori informazioni, scarica la descrizione del progetto e la presentazione generale.

Come candidarsi ai progetti?
Per candidarti  invia CV + lettera motivazionale + Application Form a e a il più presto possibile.
Una volta selezionati, ai partecipanti sarà chiesto di iscriversi a Lunaria.




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ESC in Francia con un progetto di un anno